Energy month

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Our eco warriors team have started looking at saving energy at home and at school. They have learnt where electricity comes from and why it is important to save energy for the planet and for our wallets!

One December lunchtime, some members of the group ran a spot check on empty offices and classrooms in school and found several rooms with lights and computers left on. 

They will be running an awareness campaign over this half term about how we can all be involved in saving energy before they check to see how much energy we have saved at school.

Eco Team

"Our school eco team have chosen the name 'Eco Warriors'. We spend time learning about the environment and how to look after our planet. We do a lot of activities outdoors and these pictures show us collecting flower seeds - poppy and calendula to plant again in the spring. 

Eco Team

We have two representatives from each class in years 4, 5 and 6. We meet every Tuesday morning for half an hour.

Each year the group votes to choose a new name, this year, we are Eco Warriors. Some comments from the group include;

"You go outside and eat stuff and you get to communicate. I got to take part in something."
"We like Eco Warriors because you get to use teamwork and co-operate with people in different year groups. You also get to look after nature, the environment and wildlife."

Autumn 2014

We discussed the following statement; " There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth, only crew."
These are some of the ideas the group had;
"I think… the crews help each other and work together.”
“I think… it means that earth is a planet of teamwork and communication.”
“We work as one team and all together.

Team Earth, Go!”
“We are one planet, we work as one.”
“They are all a team.”
“We work as a crew and not as one.”
So far this year, we have helped with the school tree week, and learned more about trees and where our energy comes from. We have looked at what grows in our garden and started bird watching.
The group makes sure that any left over fruit from Key Stage 1 is collected for compost.
Switch Off Fortnight
Green Team took part in Switch Off Fortnight where we looked at saving energy by checking whether lights are left on in empty classrooms or offices. On our first check in December, we counted 240 light bulbs left on in empty rooms and on our second check in January, we counted 108 light bulbs. This means we have halved the number of lights left on in empty rooms!




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