Tong Football League

Lower Fields Primary FC have entered two teams (One under 11 boys and one under 11 girls) into the Accelerate league at Tong High School. There are 21 teams in total taking part in the league. The league takes place one evening per week over the next six weeks. On Thursday 6th November 2014 Mr Khan and Miss Farooq accompanied the boys' team to the first four games. Lower Fields Primary are proud to announce we are joint first place after the first week!



This page will continue to be updated with the results every week. The dates for the games over the coming weeks are as follows;

Boys Under 11

Thursday 6th November 2014

LFPS       0 V 0     All Saints A

LFPS       4 V 1     Woodside Primary

LFPS       3 V 0     Marshfield Primary

LFPS       0 V 1     Newhall Park B


Wednesday 12th November 2014 (Boys) 

LFPS  1  V 0  Newhall Park A

LFPS  1  V 0  St Stephens A

LFPS  4  V 1  All Saints B


Thursday 20th November 2014

LFPS 4 Vs 0 Bowling Park Primary
LFPS 2 Vs 0 Newby Primary
LFPS 1 Vs 0 St Anthony’s

Wednesday 26th November 2014

LFPS 3 Vs 0 Hollingwood Primary
LFPS 2 Vs 0 Ryecroft B
LFPS 2 Vs 0 East Bierley 

Thursday 4th December 2014

LFPS 5 Vs 1 St Columbas 
LFPS 2 Vs 0 Knowleswood
LFPS 5 Vs 0 Bankfoot
LFPS 1 Vs 0 Thornbury A

Thursday 11th December 2014

Girls Under 11

Thursday 13th November 2014

On Thursday 13th November 2014, Lower Fields Primary FC Girls team had their first day of football games in the Accelerate League at Tong High School. They played against 3 other schools and won all 3 without conceding any goals! Well done girls!

LFPS  2  V 0  East Bierley Primary

LFPS  2  V 0  Ryecroft B

LFPS  3  V 0  Knowleswood Primary

Thursday 27th November 2014

LFPS 3 V 0 Newhall Park B

LFPS 1 V 0 All Saints A

LFPS 2 V 0 Bankfoot Primary

LFPS 3 V 0 Marshfield Primary

Monday 8th December 2014 (Finals)

LFPS 2 V 0 Marshfield Primary

LFPS 1 V 0 Newby Primary

LFPS 2 V 0 St Columbas Primary

LFPS 0 V 0 Newhall Park Primary 

LFPS 3 V 0 Bankfoot Primary

LFPS 2 V 0 St Stephens Primary

We are proud to announce that Lower Fields Primary FC Girls are the winners of the Accelerate League! The girls played fantastic football! Out of the 13 matches played in the entire league, there were no goals conceded, not a single game was lost and only one match was a draw! The girls really pulled together, putting all their training into practice and played as a confident team. Miss Farooq and Mr Khan as well as the girls were approached several times by other school coaches to admire how well they played. Excellent results and very well deserved girls!

Any further information about football will be posted up on the website and letters will be sent home. 

Tong Accelerate League

We are very happy to announce that Lower Fields Primary FC Boys are the winners of the Accelerate League. The boys showed great skill and team work which was admired by many. They played against over 20 schools in Bradford South to make it through to the Bradford Finals where the best of Bradford Under 11 football teams will be. Fantastic results boys!

Bradford Finals

Lower Fields Primary Girls and Boys football teams were invited to Goals at Hanson Academy for the Bradford Finals on Tuesday 10th February. The winning teams from Bradford North, East and West were all there to participate. Though neither team made it through to the semi-finals, they tried their very best and bounced back with energy for every game. Miss Farooq and Mr Khan are extremely proud of how far both teams have come, especially as this was their first ever football league. A fantastic experience for both teams and we are still Bradford South Champions and amongst the best 10 Primary school football teams in Bradford! Well done!


Lower Fields Primary School are grateful for the support we have received from Neil and Jan Murphy at WHF Garden Centre throughout the year and would like to thank them for their continued support.



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