Outdoor Learning 

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Autumn Colours

What’s going on outdoors in Autumn?


Nature Area

We let the grass grow long in the Nature Area as it is a wildflower meadow. This provides a great habitat for insects, especially butterflies. We need to cut and rake this once a year in Autumn, to ensure the best conditions for our meadow to grow next year.

Volunteers from Bradford Environmental Education Service (BEES for short) came on Friday 29th November to cut and rake the meadow for us. They used a mixture of old fashioned tools (scythe, pitchfork and rake) as well as a more modern ‘autoscythe’ which is like a big lawn mower.

The volunteers also cleared a lot of the plants from the pond as it was becoming quite overgrown. They pile all the weeds on the side of the pond, so that any creatures can easily get back in. This is also an autumn job.

Grow beds and Orchard

We have had some fantastic crops this year. We were donated a lot of plants by Morrisons – Cabbage, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Strawberries and Herbs. Most children had a chance to plant some of these in their class grow beds. We have been able to provide our kitchen with cabbage, broccoli and potatoes as well as masses of tomatoes.


We would not have had the crops we did, without the donations of plants and the various volunteers who helped us with preparing the beds and keeping on top of the weeding.

We have also had a great year for fruit, with apples from all of our trees, plums, some pears, blackcurrants and strawberries. Most classes have had a chance to pick and eat apples or to have an apple tasting session where they tried different varieties. We have also given apples to the kitchen for use in cooking or to give out as snacks.

Silver Birch, how this tree changes through the seasons