School Council

Mrs Davy convenes the School Council and before Christmas, she asked all pupils to consider whether they wanted to be part of our School Council. Three boys and three girls were nominated from each class. They were given time to campaign and an election was held.

The Council is made up of two children from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. The job of a class representative is to inform the School Council of any ideas, thoughts or comments that learners have which would help improve the school.  Their first job was to ask their class to complete a questionnaire about school. This will be used as a starting point for following meetings. Representatives also feed back to their class about changes to the school.

They have regular meetings and during Spring Term an executive Committee will be formed, made up of Chair Person, Vice Chair Person, Secretary and Treasure. To make the school council more effective other committees will also be formed. These include: interview and behaviour committee, health and safety committee, safeguarding, attendance and learning walk committee, health, lifestyle and school dinner committee and a fundraising committee.

All of the minutes from meetings, photographs and other relevant information will be uploaded onto the school BLOG so please have a look.

School Council Quotes


Brogan Year 1

I like Lower Fields Primary! I like reading books all the time.


Fiza Year 1

The dinner ladies are nice and kind.


Tyler Year 1

Adults are nice to us. My class has nice friends in it.


Harry Year 1

It is fun at Lower Fields!


Ellis Year 2

I like school because I do hard work.


Molly Year 2

I like the ‘treasure island’ because it’s got all kinds of stuff to play on.

I like maths because you get lots of time on the laptops and the iPads.


Scott  2R

I like school. My class are nice to me. The teachers are nice and do fun lessons. The dinners are very tasty.


Ebony Year 2

I like Lower Fields because we have a ball court in the KS1 playground and a treasure island.


Rehan Year 3

My class is very special. It has a maths wall and a literacy wall.


Lillie Year 3

When we feel upset our teachers make us feel better and help us calm down.


Kaiden Year 3

I like the school because it is fabulous!


Katie Year 3

The teachers are very kind and helpful.


Alfie Year

The teachers in school always help me when I get stuck.


Paul Year 4

The dinner ladies cook some really good food and look after us.


Gurveen Year 4

We have fun plays in assembly and we get certificates.


Kayte Year 4

This school has lots of helpful students.


Hannah Year 5

I don’t think I could get any better levels for my age than in Lower Fields.


Zacch Year 5

I like the swimming lessons Year 5 get, because it is a very exciting experience.


Simone Year 6

The school provides us with lots of really good things, like big classrooms, outdoor spaces and extra staff for the people who are struggling.


Isa Year 6

I get help when I am stuck.