School E-mail


Managing email

The use of email within most schools is an essential means of communication for both staff and pupils. Educationally, email can offer significant benefits including; direct written contact between schools on different projects, be they staff based or pupil based, within school or internationally. We recognise that pupils need to understand how to style an email in relation to their age and good ‘netiquette’.


  • The school gives all staff their own email (Office 365) account to use for all school business. This is to minimise the risk of receiving unsolicited or malicious emails and avoids the risk of personal profile information being revealed.      
  • It is the responsibility of each account holder to keep the password secure. This should be the account that is used for all school business.  
  • Under no circumstances should staff contact pupils, parents or conduct any school business using personal email addresses.
  • Email sent to an external organisation should be written carefully before sending, in the same way as a letter written on school headed paper.
  • Pupils may only use school approved accounts on the school system and only under direct teacher supervision for educational purposes.
  • All email users are expected to adhere to the generally accepted rules of network etiquette particularly in relation to the use of appropriate language and not revealing any personal details about themselves or others in email communication, or arranging to meet anyone without specific permission, virus checking attachments.
  • Pupils must immediately tell a teacher/ trusted adult if they receive an offensive email.
  • Staff must inform an e-safety co-ordinator if they receive an offensive email.
  • Pupils are introduced to email as part of the Computing Scheme of Work.

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